5 Questions: An update on the ROV, Diving & Inspection and Offshore Survey industries

Over the last year Atlas’ ROV, Diving and Inspection and Offshore Survey business lines have been through some changes. With over 30 years of experience in the subsea sector, the teams have learnt to adapt to the market and compete with the challenges across the oil & gas sector. ROV, Diving & Inspection Business Manager Claire Freestone and Director Andrew Blears discuss how Atlas are facing the challenges ahead.

How has the ROV & Survey industry changed since the start of the year?

The oil and gas market continues to be challenging due to the fall in oil prices,” explains Claire, “but we are offering support and guidance to our clients in this area. We are seeing a large upturn in the renewables sector with many clients working on European windfarms. Day rates remain fluid but we are trying to adapt within an ever changing market place.” 

“We have faced many challenges with the continued slump in the O&G sector, with very few large scale field developments happening or being delayed,” says Andrew. “However, we continue to support clients in areas where they are missing specific skills, or to cover for peak times as we all look to reduce fixed OPEX. Flexibility is key, so you can change tack with the wind! As Claire mentioned, 2016 has been a special year for renewables projects and we have been very busy working on route, geophysical and geotechnical surveys combined with a spike in UXO detection studies. This has driven us to invest in more training courses to ensure our professionals have access to the latest software being utilised.”

What is Atlas’ strategy going forward?

“We will continue to support the Professionals who choose Atlas to represent them by keeping them up to date with legislative issues as well as investing further in training and development and expanding our Competency scheme,” explains Andrew. “We will invest in our teams to make sure we have the people in place to support the Professionals when they need us most. While doing this, we will continue to streamline our internal processes and look for new ways to drive efficiency and create added value services for our clients and Professionals. By investing in areas that add value, while saving costs in other areas, we will ensure that we have a solid foundation and will be here for a long time, not just a good time!”

“The ROV team are also educating professionals on the new types of certification they will require for the windfarm market,” says Claire. “The team will explain the new rates structures and ensure that our inner circle of professionals are kept up to date with job opportunities.”

Will 2017 be different for the ROV & Survey industries?

We hope to see a rise in inspection projects,” says Claire. “At the moment we are focusing on these areas and letting our clients know that we are on hand to meet any demands that they may have been given.”

“For survey we believe that we have seen the bottom of the market in many areas, before real developments in 2018 and beyond, “explains Andrew. “Key deep-water projects and new field developments will start to produce opportunities, as well as a continuation of the renewable sector. We also expect to see some movements in new areas so watch this space!”

What makes Atlas stand out from their competitors?

“We are a global brand with more than 30 years of knowledge and experience in the energy, marine and renewables industries,” says Claire. “We are committed and focused on success and providing the right professionals for the role by going the extra mile.”

“In addition to having a strong global brand we strongly believe in adding value, and not cost,” explains Andrew. “To support our clients and professionals in all areas and to work together as partners and to be more than just an "Agency" or "Body shop". If you want to know more, then come and see us or give us a call!”

What advice would you give to professionals who are seeking work in these industries right now? 

“Get personal. We try to meet as many people as possible but we all know this can't always be done,” says Andrew. “Communicate with your agent regularly, be open, and keep an open mind. Sometimes we all need to be flexible, not just with rates, but in our attitude and in the tasks we take on. If we do things openly, with honesty and with dedication, then great things can be accomplished.”

“If you’re working in the ROV industry, ensure that all of your certification is in date, look at the current certifications needed for windfarms and keep your CV up to date,” says Claire. “You can do this through Atlas’ website. In times like these it’s also important to stay in touch with your dedicated Account Manager!”