Atlas in Asia: Atlas’ ROV Services and Work in the Asia-Pacific

For the past two years, Atlas’ ROV service desk in Singapore has been a vital cog in Atlas’ ROV operations. With the new ROV business line based in Banbury, Atlas has created a secure foundation for new opportunities in the ROV industry.

Account Manager Yana Yusoff has been managing the service desk in the Asia–Pacific region, providing exciting opportunities for Atlas’ personnel.

Understanding Ambition

“I think it is very important to treat your personnel like friends,” explains Yana. “The way I do this is to keep in regular contact with them, discuss prospective projects, take into consideration their views on the industry and their career wishes.”

Strength through Collaboration

“Over the last few months I have worked closely with Lowestoft’s Operations Manager Tonia Weldon along with the Offshore Survey team based in Newquay. It’s a great collaboration between offices as we are able to offer around the clock recruitment in two time zones. We are also able to offer our clients a selection of European and Asian personnel for their projects.

The qualities I look for in an ideal candidate are a mixture of experience and interpersonal skills. Being proactive, willing to learn (even if you have worked offshore for a number of years), a team player and having a hard-working attitude are just some of the qualities that our clients are looking for. I think you also have to be open to criticism and turn that into constructive feedback.”

ROV Industry in Asia

“This year has been tough as most of the ROV industry in Asia is related to Oil & Gas. Hopefully work will pick up again next year which is a realistic view. For people looking to work in the industry it would be a tough time particularly for trainees and junior ROV PTs. Due to the current market, our clients have a large selection of experienced ROV professionals who are willing to reduce their day rate for work.”

Atlas Professionals

Atlas Professionals offers a complete range of specialist recruitment & HR services for the Energy and Marine industries. With a global presence in 16 countries and experienced teams who speak the local language, we are committed to finding the right professional for the right job. Our personnel solutions include a full suite of taxation, administration, logistics and legal services – together with up-to-date compliance advice.