The Forefront of Subsea Technology: Leszek Rutkowski Offshore Manager MMT

As one of our core clients, MMT is an industry leader in the marine survey market, specialising in bathymetric, geophysical and geotechnical services.

Alongside their specialism in the marine survey industry, MMT is also at the forefront of subsea technology with the recent launch of their new ROV Surveyor Interceptor (SROV), a high speed survey ROV that has revolutionised survey operations. 

ROV Surveyor Interceptor (SROV)

The ROV Surveyor Interceptor dramatically reduces operation time and with its high resolution camera and sensor capacity it will ensure sharp data images of pipeline and cable projects. “I recently saw some of the data collected from the ROV and it really speaks for itself,” explains MMT Offshore Manager Leszek Rutkowski. “It’s impressive that the ROV can produce high density data from a very stable platform and can collect this within a significantly reduced timeframe thanks to its higher survey speeds.”

Together with Reach Subsea and Kystdesign, the new ROV will also benefit the overall cost for clients. “It’s quite incredible that we’re managing to deliver the best quality data I’ve seen from any ROV at an overall lower cost per km to our clients. It’s exciting!”

Standing out in a Difficult Market

During Subsea Expo, it became quite clear that the industry was apprehensive about adapting to $30 oil, with personnel also looking to find new opportunities in a difficult market.

“At the moment it’s very difficult for offshore personnel to stand out in the current climate,” says Leszek, “however, I think that the one thing you can really sell to a company is your attitude and your approach to work. This could be the key to unlocking more opportunities for you in the offshore world.

No matter how good the CV looks it’s not always the truth. I was a student not that long ago and I used to see my colleagues go out with CVs that said they were an expert in an certain operation and obviously most people wouldn’t believe it, or there were other situations where people have been hired to go offshore and then the client expects more then they can give which puts them in a very bad position.

For MMT the skills and experience of the professional is the most important thing. Training is great and I know Atlas has a competency scheme and training courses but unfortunately in a market such as this, this doesn’t solve everything.”

Stiff Competition

In a competitive environment such as this, recruitment agencies need to do all they can to keep their heads above the surface. “I think what works for Atlas is the size of the company and the support of the organisation. We did encounter some issues when we first started working with Atlas however, since we have had a dedicated personnel coordinator in our office we have developed a closer personal bond with Atlas and its services.”