An Honest Prediction of the ROV Industry for 2016

Oil Price Tumbles to below $33”, “Oil Prices Fall to Lows Last Seen over a Decade Ago”, these are the headlines that dominate our industry; the storm cloud that never seems to clear. In spite of this, Atlas Professionals have endeavoured to change and adapt to the tides of the industry and prepare secure foundations for future personnel.

One of these changes happened in 2015, with the acquisition of Subserv Pro (SSP) a reputable company in the subsea market. In addition to this, Atlas also fused together the niches of Diving and Inspection to its network; expanding in these markets through their other specialist office based in Lowestoft. With this strong network in the UK and the ROV service desk based in Singapore, Atlas’ ROV, Diving and Inspection business line (RDI) is ready for the challenges ahead.

Atlas’ ROV Business Manager

Atlas’ RDI Business Manager, Rob Pattenden, shares his thoughts on this tenacious business line and his predictions for the year.

“It was a real benefit to SSP to see that Atlas Professionals shared the same services and core values before merging together as one strong brand. Since becoming Atlas’ RDI business line we now have a wider support network which allows our Account Managers to focus more on their personnel. Alongside this, Atlas has a fantastic brand image and a well thought out organisation, this coupled with SSP’s reputation means that we hold a stronger position in the subsea market.”

So what’s the best way to push a business forward in a difficult market? “Our focus is ensuring that we can give 100% customer satisfaction to our clients and personnel. The most important thing is getting to know our customer; finding out what makes them tick and understanding their needs and aspirations for the future. Keeping in regular contact, meeting with them face-to-face and making sure that they can reach us 24/7 is key to ensuring a good working relationship.”

Adapting to Change

“With professionals, one size does not fit all. As we adapt to the changes in our industry we have to adapt to every individual’s career, whether it’s working in a specific location or working solely through Atlas. When you’ve been working with certain personnel for over a decade, they’re not just part of the team they’re family.”

Even with the tough market conditions, new opportunities in our industry are emerging from the horizon. Every day Atlas’ worldwide network is securing opportunities for their personnel across the Energy and Marine world. “Getting opportunities for our personnel is a top priority. The way we do that is by keeping in regular contact with clients and pinpointing them on their projects. An example of this would be that we know there are real problems within the Oil & Gas market at the moment so there’s not going to be a huge amount of construction work out there. On the other hand we know that there is more work in the Renewable energy market this year and there is a massive focus on Telecoms and power cable installations. We make sure that we are dealing within those particular niche areas and ensure that those clients are made aware that we have the right people for their projects.”

“Dictated by the Market”

“The only way to progress under these circumstances is to be honest with personnel and say ‘you are dictated by the market however, this project would look good on your CV down the line and this slump won’t last forever’. Although this is a particularly difficult year there is still light at the end of the tunnel.”

This light shines on 2016s Renewable energy market, “We are planning to provide personnel for a number of wind farms based in Western Europe. The ROV business line is also involved with some cable lay projects in the Med and some prospective jobs dotted around West Africa for Diving & Inspection, we hope to see more construction projects pick up towards the end of the year.”

Our Prediction for 2016

“I don’t think this year is going to be as tough as 2015 as this is going to be a really strong year for the Renewable and Telecoms markets. I absolutely believe that there will be work out there for RDI personnel as the year goes on, especially when we start to approach 2017, new opportunities for personnel will arise.”

As Atlas’ new RDI business line continues to expand in the market our goal to invest in people never falters. Whatever the goal, risk or undertaking we are here for the heroes of the industry to support them through whatever 2016 can throw at us.