Paul Cartwright, Client Representative

"I used to work for Gardline Surveys as a surveyor and got a good grounding in the industry from this company", Paul Cartwright tells us. "The work was primarily analogue and digital site and route surveys but I was involved with various other projects too including MOD, geotechnical, environmental and seismic exploration. We learnt all facets of the job from preparation, mobilisation, acquisition, processing, charting to final reporting."

"When I joined the agencies DOHS and Atlas Seistech the work I tended to get moved me more into the pipeline industry on DP vessels with ROVs carrying out pipeline inspections and construction work laying mattresses, sleepers and counteracts etc. Also the ROV work included supporting barges on pipeline laying projects and eventually I found myself working on the barges too."

Client representative

"Having seen the work from both sides of the fence so to speak, this gave me one of my first breaks with Allseas: working as their client representative on the ROV/Survey Support vessel Highland Fortress on the Reliance Dhirubhai KG-D6 Field Development Project in SE India. The Highland Fortress was the lead support vessel of which there were numerous and three Allseas pipeline laying barges were there too so it was a very busy project and I learnt a lot in that period."


"I was on this for a year and have worked for them as a client representative since in Egypt and more recently I have been a representative for the energy companies themselves. The last job was for Tullow Oil off the coast of Gabon and took me back to the work I used to do for Gardline with multi beam and single beam echo sounders, sidescan sonars and sub bottom profilers but now as the client representative instead. The previous job was interesting as I was working as the representative for a company involved with the future wind farms Thanet and Greater Gabbard off the coast of SE England."