Putting our Customers First: Atlas Attends BSI – ISO Quality Management Training

Last week, Atlas’ UK Business Managers attended a BSI course at Armada House in Bristol. The course was centred on how the ISO Quality Management Standard can benefit the organisation and ensure confidence in our services for both clients and personnel.

What is ISO?

Atlas is already ISO certified in a number of offices. ISO 9001 is one of three core standards within ISO’s Quality Management portfolio. The standard focuses on quality management system requirements and ensures that we are consistent with customers needs and uphold these to obtain complete customer satisfaction.

The Benefits of the standard

The course reinforced the team’s knowledge and understanding about the current standard, with an additional focus on new elements of the standard that will be implemented into the UK offices. BSI trainer, John Osborne, explains how the training went and how important ISO is for companies such as Atlas. “The course was designed to provide Atlas staff with a refresher on the principle requirements of the standard as well as introduce some new concepts that are built into the latest version that was launched in September this year. With the acquisition of new organisations and the introduction of new sales systems the timing appeared perfect and I am sure that staff and customers alike will see an improvement in customer satisfaction levels.”

A New Understanding

By complying with this standard it reassures our clients that Atlas can provide a high quality workforce to their projects.

Management Assistant, Kerry Moffat also attended the course. “The course provided a great opportunity to get the UK management together and invested with ISO and to understand the changes to come under the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Personally I took away a better knowledge of the standard and could relate this to the Atlas Quality Management System, which will help me when discussing this with other team members in the UK and across the Group.”