Successful ROV-Supervisor Assessor Training

On 22 and 23 January 2018, an Assessor Training took place at the Atlas Professionals office in Banbury. A total of 8 ROV Supervisors successfully attended the course which focused on applying assessment methods in line with IMCA guidelines.

Atlas Competence Programme (ACP)

Atlas Professionals is committed to provide a safe, reliable and competent workforce, while working to meet clients’ needs globally. Through the Atlas Competence Programme (ACP) we further assure that all professionals meet the requirements of the job this way adding value to our clients. 

Assessors in ROV

“Further assuring competence is becoming a more and more important added value we offer within the industries we operate. With that there is a growing need for assessors who can assess a professionals’ competence activity”, explains Dingena Peddie-Theunisse, Competence Manager at Atlas Professionals. “By training ROV-Supervisors, we are able to apply assessment methods on board of the vessel. The assessments can relate to but are not limited to the Atlas Competence Programme (ACP) this way enabling the Assessors to assess activities of other, client specific, Competence Management Programmes as well”. 

Competence Assurance Training 

Caledonia Competence provided this competence assurance training: “All of the delegates clearly grasped the importance of Competence Assurance and the proactive approach that Atlas Professionals are taking”, says Gavin Smith, Managing Director Caledonia Competence.  

Simon Hills, ROV Supervisor says: "I recently had the pleasure of joining Atlas Professionals to spend two days in great company taking part in their ROV assessors course which was both interesting, well presented and extremely useful in helping to promote assurance of competency across our industry. The proactive approach of Atlas in helping those of us in this industry to obtain industry wide verification of our professional skills and trade should be applauded.”