ZERO HARM: Boost safety presence and awareness across the globe

On 10 July 2017, Atlas Professionals signed the final agreement with Programmed for the acquisition of the international activities of Programmed Marine. What makes Programmed Marine unique is their Zero Harm policy in all that they do, which includes safe working environments as well as natural environments.

Increase level of safety and quality

Programmed Marine has appointed Mark McDonald as their Senior HSEQ Advisor, International, primarily based in the Aberdeen office. “Safety is something we do well, and it’s a contributing factor to our overall success”, says Mark. Mark comes with a wealth of international HSEQ experience in Oil & Gas, and has been tasked with increasing Programmed Marine’s level of safety and quality coverage in all geographical locations that Programmed Marine operate.

Safe working environment

As Programmed Marine strive for Zero Harm in all that they do, the appointment of Mark as Senior HSEQ Advisor is a key step for the business. With all locations looking to boost safety presence and awareness, Mark has been working closely with supporting Programmed Marine’s clients and contractors across the globe on the delivery of Zero Harm and the fostering of a safe working environment for all their personnel. “Our Zero Harm goal ensures we’re taking the right steps so that each of our employees and customers return home in the same state they arrived – injury free. It also encompasses Zero Harm to the natural environments in which we work and operate.” 

Different climates and regions

Their large geographic footprint means Programmed Marine work in many different climates and regions each day, some of these may be sensitive and require special additional controls. “I have been working across the International business units in Aberdeen, Houston, Singapore and Dubai, undertaking Safety Management initiatives tailored to each region, ultimately ensuring that the company continues to improve and grow with Safety at the forefront. We believe that by providing our people with the understanding that all injuries are preventable that they will, in turn, be empowered to deliver safety leadership throughout the business.”

Re-entrant training

Mark has also been managing and coordinating nationwide Re-entrant safety training/information days for Oil and Gas personnel that have been out of the industry for a period of time due to the downturn. “These events ensure that personnel are not returning to the industry “Rig rusty” and are refreshed in certain aspects of offshore life, including prevention of Hand and Finger injuries, Dropped Objects, Risk Management Tools and Safe Behaviour.”

Programmed Marine

Programmed Marine supports vessel and marine activities, drilling/rig operations, offshore construction projects and on-going maintenance and other auxiliary functions, onshore and offshore. This has led to Programmed Marine’s impressive track record in the offshore and staffing industry, providing an ideal fit with the business activities of Atlas Professionals.